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Darryl & Cristabel from escapingthedesk

Hello! is a travel blog written by Cristabel and Darryl, a couple from England.

We met at university way back in 2005. Our first holiday together was the summer of 2006, a week spent in a not so sunny Skiathos. It would be the first of many beach holidays and city breaks in Europe, one Venezuelan island and a trip to Florida. But we always wanted to travel more, only having a few weeks holiday a year made this tricky though.

Finally in 2012 we decided against a beach holiday and opted for a Contiki tour – their Asian Adventure – which covered Thailand, Laos and Cambodia in 2 weeks. It was a crazy trip where we breezed through towns and cities but it made us want more.

So that’s what we did. We quit our jobs, booked a one way ticket and spent most of 2013 escaping in Asia; visiting family, studying Mandarin for a semester and just exploring.

We are back at home for now, but our desire to travel and explore new places hasn’t died. was mainly created to keep our family and friends up to date with all our many adventures, but we're also trying our hand at this whole travel blogging thing.

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