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Inspirational Travel Writer?

Travel Writers We Need You started out as a blog written for the benefit of staying in touch with our friends and family, whilst on the road.  After a while we found that the more we wrote about our travels and journeys off the well beaten track, the more we grew from other travellers finding our information useful to them.

Well, our journey finally came to an end a few months back, and we still have an awful lot more to write up about our 12 month trip.  But for us, the next stage of our journey is enabling other passionate travel writers to get their voices heard in the Digital space.

We know how easy it is to write articles that address questions other explorers are searching for, but equally know how hard it is to ensure those answers get heard by other travellers.

With that in mind, we invite you to work with us on creating into an online travel resource written by contribution.  What does that mean for you?

  1. You write an article or guide that is on a unique topic / destination / attraction..
  2. We publish that article on our website, and promote it prominently with full credits to you personally, with many linkbacks to your travel blog.
  3. The article generates interest and awareness of your travels and you get direct traffic to your travel blog.

But that's not all we will do..  We will also ensure..

  • SEO advice on how to write for SERPs indexing for the published article AND your website in general.
  • Provide tools and opportunities for you to monetise your travel blog in the future.
  • You will be part of a growing online community of other travel contributors involved with, and together we can grow a sustainable online community of like-minded travellers.

What we are currently looking for in March 2014

We are still primarily concentrating on articles and guides on travel to South East Asia (and China).  So that will be our primary focus for the next couple of months.  If you are currently travelling in SE Asia, or have done so previously, please get in touch with us!

Some ideas for inspiration..

Vietnam is still a little of an unknown to new travellers, especially in terms of recommended routes from North to South (& vice-versa), if you can contribute anything on travelling overground in Vietnam, please get in touch!

China is such a large area that we have so many gaps in our travel experience.  If you have visited China, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Tibet in the last 12 months and have something original to contribute, then please get in touch!

Thailand is the most visited country in all of South East Asia for backpackers.  But 90% of people always seem to do the same routes and attractions.  Have you been somewhere unique in Thailand?  Or travelled extensively throughout the East of the country?  Then please get in touch!

Bhutan will remain a remote, exotic wilderness to westerners for many years to come.  Which makes the job of writing about routes to take and tips about entrance visa's even more important to future travellers.  Get in touch with us if you have visited Bhutan in the last 6 months.

This is just a shortlist of the key areas we are focusing on in March / April, if you have suggestions for a contributing article you can write for us, then please get in touch.

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