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Countdown: 3 days to go

This whole going away for a year business has come around faster than I could have imagined.  I finished work almost 4 weeks ago and in that time, I feel like I'm still not anywhere near prepared for this little adventure.  Although our checklist is pretty much finished now, it all feels very surreal..

  1. Chinese Visa – check
  2. Shanghai Accommodation – check
  3. Backpacker Travel Insurance – check
  4. Ningbo Accommodation – check
  5. Backpacks – check
  6. Chinese Bank Account – almost checked
  7. Chinese Currency – check
  8. Dry Bags – check
  9. Cancelled Direct Debits – check
  10. Private VPN for China – check
  11. Camera / Camcorder & Cases – check
  12. MacBook Pro Case – check
  13. A years supply for TV shows / films – check
  14. Vaccinations – check

and so on..

When we are finished with all this planning and are actually over in Asia we will put together a proper article on the types of things that need sorting before travelling for an extended period of time.  It's slightly daunting at first, but having a list of ‘to do's' every day for the past few weeks means ticking off a few things everyday.  I think we are 95% done now.  At least the most important things are finished, just this website that needs some work!

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