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Having my face turned into Clay in Hangzhou

During our trip to Hangzhou, we ended up walking down Hefang Street a few times.. Normally it was to just get from A to B or grab a bite to eat.  We kept walking past this place that had a guy that claimed he could sculpt your face in clay in under 15 minutes for 150 Yuan.  I think after the second time of walking down the street, the urge was too great and I ended up getting my face molded into clay.

I know it's kind of a novelty item and maybe a bit crap..  But how many places do you find a street artist that can mold your head into clay?  Anyway after buying the thing, it dawned on me I would have to carry this around with me for 6 – 7 weeks of travelling around China.. and I didn't have any space left in the backpack.  Was it worth it?  Maybe..

Below is the video of the guy molding it with some background commentary.  Sorry about the crap quality, YouTube has issues with my videos at the moment..

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