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First Day in Malaysia

Our first full day in Malaysia is drawing to a close, and it is hot and sunny but not as humid as I was expecting it to be.

The first thing we did was head out for breakfast and had roti. Darryl has been in shock about how much it cost ever since (it was really, really cheap).

We went for a walk (because when it's really hot and sunny, that's the most obvious thing to do) over to the KL Tower. As Darryl has a weird love for tall buildings we had to go up to the Observation Deck (276m). It's amazing how sprawling the city is.

There was a pretty good view of the Petronas Towers too. We are planning to visit them tomorrow.

View from KL Tower

View from KL Tower

3 Comments on First Day in Malaysia

  1. Mmmm roti…… I miss those so much! Feel free to eat loads on my behalf x

  2. Were the views pretty good from up there? Hard to tell from a photo how good they in real life some times.

  3. Hot you say, ill be prepared for our trip then!

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