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How to Get a Myanmar (Burma) Visa in Bangkok (2014)

Don't pay any agencies and get it sorted yourself for as little as 810 Baht

How to get a Myanmar Visa in Bangkok

15th February 2014 (Updated):

Please Note: If you know of any updates on procedures in place at the Burmese Embassy, please use the comments section at the bottom for feedback.

You can get a Myanmar (Burma) visa in Bangkok very quickly at the ‘The Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar' visa office.  Open Monday – Friday between 9am – 12pm.  You can go ahead and book your flights well in advance, along with any hotel accommodation and just rock on up a few days beforehand and be certain to get your passport back, stamped with a visa ready for your travels.

We originally went to the Embassy in early October 2013 and then travelled Myanmar for 3 weeks, taking in both the North and South.  If you want to learn more about what you can see & do in Myanmar, read our Budget Backpackers Guide to Myanmar.  Alternatively, if you have some nagging questions on what to expect in Myanmar such as ATM availability, what currency to take, Vaccinations, etc.. Read our Myanmar 101 – Travel Tips for Backpacking Myanmar article.

There is also a lot of information on the web that is either not accurate or out of date about the Myanmar visa process.  The problem is many backpackers who are blogging about the process are getting a same day (fast track) visa which is more complex to process, than a next day or 2 day service.  Here is a guide that applies to all travellers and what the process is for each service available at the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand.

Important Information for Burmese Embassy, Bangkok:

Opening and Closing times

The embassy is open Monday to Friday from 9am – 12pm for Visa applications and then 15:30pm – 16:30pm for visa collection.  It is closed for all major Myanmar / Thai public holidays so be aware of that little nugget of information before you get here!

Myanmar National Holidays 2014 (Days when Bangkok Embassy will be closed)

  • Kayin New Years Day – 01/01/2014
  • Independence Day – 04/01/2014
  • Union Day – 12/02/2014
  • Full Moon Day of Tabaung – 15/03/2014
  • Armed Forces Day – 27/03/2014
  • Maha Thingyan Festival – 14/16/17/18th of April
  • Labour Day (May Day) – 01/05/2014
  • Full Moon Day of Kasone – 13/05/2014
  • Marty's Day – 19/07/2014
  • Full Moon Day of Waso – 11/07/2014
  • H.M. Queen's Birthday – 12/8/2014
  • Chulalongkom Day – October ? Not sure for 2014
  • National Day – 16/11/2014
  • H.M. King's Birthday – 5/12/2014
  • Constitution Day – 10/12/2014
  • Christmas Day – 25/12/2014
  • New Year's Eve – 31/12/2014

What time does the Myanmar Embassy open?

Information elsewhere says get to the embassy for 8am to be at the front of the queue. Instead just get there any time before 11am and you shouldn't have a problem getting your application in on the day. Or at least this is what it was like when we applied.

However, please take note that during weeks where the embassy will be closed for National Holidays, it WILL be busy, so get there earlier.

On the day, we got to the embassy for 9am and were out for 9:40am. Again, this was our experience as the week we went didn't have any national holidays on.  So it was a piece of cake, compared to what others have written about!

What you need to bring to the Embassy

  1. Bring along your passport AND a photocopy of it printed in B&W is perfectly fine.
  2. 2 x passport size photos that are recent and of a true likening to yourself now.
  3. A black pen.
  4. The cash in Thai baht depending on which specific visa you get (more on that later).
  5. A note of a hotel name AND hotel address that is located in either Yangon / Mandalay – wherever you are flying into, you don't have to have a confirmed reservation.
  6. Dates of your flights into and out of Burma.

Process when you get to the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok

Firstly, if you are in need of photocopies or passport sized photos for your visa application, there are many copy shops located on Sathon Nuea Road.  They are highlighted on our map in the directions section.  The van that parks outside the embassy is a lot more expensive than the copy shops located on the road, so if you want to save some money, walk further down the road where you will see ‘Photocopying' signs at a few locations.

  1. Skip the queue and walk to the front left hand counter (Counter 4) and ask for the visa application form you need to fill in. It's now a double sided A4 sheet.  If anyone has a link  to an up-to-date copy, please let us know in comments section!
  2. Alternatively, there is now a van parked outside the embassy operated by a third party, who can do the visa applications for you.  However there are some negative reports out there as well as positive ones.  If you aren't in a rush, then I would always strongly recommend getting the visa processed yourself inside the embassy.
  3. If you are doing the application yourself, get into the queue at the end and start filling the form out whilst you are in line (you'll have plenty of time). Alternatively as there were 2 of us, we could have 1 person stand in line and the other fill in the forms at the work desks scattered everywhere.
  4. When you get to the front of the queue, there is glue and paper clips, glue one photo to your application form and attach the other with a paper clip.
  5. At the front you will have your forms checked and then given a number and a counter to queue at.  Walk across to it. We were sent to Counter 2
  6. When you get to the front, tell them which service you want. If you are getting the express service which is same day, you need a copy of your flight itinerary handy (visible on your phone won't do), it's got to be printed out.
  7. Hand over the money and get your receipt which you will need when you return to pick your passport up.
Visa Myanmar Bangkok Embassy Guide

Our receipt (make sure you don't loose this!!)

How much does it cost for a Myanmar Visa in 2014?

Express (Same Day) 1260 Baht
Next Day 1035 Baht
2 Days 810 Baht

Embassy Directions

The Embassy of the Union of Myanmar, 132 Sathon Nuea Road, Sathorn, Bangkok, 10120.  View in Google Map View.

By Metro: Get off at the Surasak BTS station and walk eastwards up Sathon Nuea Road, traffic should be driving same way you are walking.  The embassy visa application point is on the 2nd road on your left.  See map at the bottom of this page for explanation.

By Taxi: Most taxi's will know where it is located.  I hear costs are 130-150 Baht from the Khao San Road joy camp.  Otherwise not much more from other parts of the centre of town.

How to get a Myanmar Visa in Bangkok

What time can you pick-up your visa from the Myanmar Embassy?

The visa collection counters are open only for 1 hour every weekday between 15:30pm – 16:30pm.  Simply go to the counter that your receipt has stamped on it and give the receipt across to the person behind the counter (Counter 2).  They will give you back forms that need to be signed at the bottom and returned, then you are free to go with your passports now updated with a lovely Myanmar visa (see photos at the bottom!).  Now start planning your travel to Myanmar.

Myanmar Visa in Bangkok Embassy

My Myanmar Visa!  Same day visa's will look slightly different.

Contacting the Myanmar Embassy directly for Visa related questions

Tel : (662) 233-2237, 234-4698, 233-7250, 234 4789, 237 7744
Fax : (233) 236-6898, 233-7250
Email: (Alternative one is
Website: or

Read our other guide for “Further information for Business Visas and information regarding Visa on Arrival for Myanmar”.

Interested in reading our other Travel Guides on Myanmar?

About Darryl Hall (85 Articles)
Darryl left the shorelines of England in 2013 to study and travel in China and South East Asia for a year. Darryl is a co-founder of, a travel blog with the aim of sharing travel tips, country & city guides for other backpackers. Visit my Google+ page.

34 Comments on How to Get a Myanmar (Burma) Visa in Bangkok (2014)

  1. Hi Daryll. Thanks for this post, it’s really useful, I’ve just emailed the embassy thanks to your contact details. We are hoping to go to Myanmar in March and will read your blogs for some inspiration! We’re planning go overland rather than fly, hence the need to contact the embassy because of the flight ticket requirement. Did you meet anyone doing this while you were there or was it too soon after the borders opened? Thanks again! Jenna

    • Hey Jenna, which border crossing were you looking to try and use?

      The visa is the same for land crossings, however I am unaware of any crossings by land that let you go properly into the country. As you’d be going through basically disputed war zones by the militia.

      Land crossings are used mostly for Thai’s stocking up on duty free alcohol and tobacco, not for heading into the country properly. If this is now possible though, do let us know, and we will add it to our forthcoming FAQ Guide. Cheers!!

      • Hi Daryll,

        We’re looking to use Mae Sot to Mayawaddy which opened up in August. We’ve read a lot about overland crossings on various forums and news articles such as this,

        so we’re not worried about doing the crossing. Travel agencies have also opened up this week offering buses (we’re in the middle of validating this one at the moment\

        Info on suggests the situation is rapidly changing – even e-visas may be in the offing at some point in the future.

        The issue we have is knowing we’ll be able to get the visas in Bangkok to go overland without a flight ticket. We’ve been in touch with some other travellers this morning who have said there is a notice at the embassy suggesting you can go overland, so maybe getting a visa will be possible… I’ve also emailed the embassy directly but haven’t had a response yet (these things always take time!)

        I’ll post any updates on here.


        • Thats useful information Jenna, thanks for sharing with us. The prices for bus transport look reasonable as well! Once you get into Myanmar, getting around is a piece of cake, I’d say even easier than Thailand in some instances. Plus not as many scams or people trying to rip you off. Good luck with your future travels, also enjoyed your website.. Very useful guides on places I’d also love to visit!

          • Hi Jenna,
            I am hoping to go to Myanmar in may and fly in but take the overland crossing out, but cannot find out if this is possible to do/get the visa, how did you get on?
            thanks kate

          • Hi Kate,

            In the end, we came overland from Thailand but are going to fly out from Mandalay next week. This is due to the fact that although the border is open at Tachileik, you have to fly to that area of the country to get out, and flights from Mandalay to Bangkok on Air Asia are cheaper! We could of course crossed out at the same point we came in, but flights were cheaper than going back down the country past things we’ve already seen.

            In terms of visas, we got the visa as Daryl has outlined here, at the embassy in Bangkok. It’s pretty painless, and if you have a flight booked then if you wanted, you would be able to get the same day visa as you’ll have evidence of your flights. Since we were going overland the quickest we could get was the two day option.

            So we crossed at the Mae Sot – Myawaddy border. It was pretty straightforward – we’ve actually just written a post about it here


            If you were going the other way it would be easy to get transport from Yangon, but I’d recommend stopping at Kinpun (for the golden rock) and Mawlamyine on the way down.

            Hope that helps,


          • Thank you Jenna for all the helpful advice and for taking the time to reply.

            I hope you had a wonderful trip, your article was a good read and sounded an interesting journey!


  2. We are going to do this tomorrow. Thanks for the advice, very clear, also enjoyed all the other Myanmar posts. Will report back if there have been any changes.

    • Hey Louise, thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear it’s of use to other travellers! Looks like your doing some really exciting things at the moment, where else are you heading to this year after Myanmar?

  3. Hi Daryll

    Update for February 2014
    Process is as you describe above.

    Regarding address in Myanmar you need to include name of hotel and then the address. I had just put address and was asked to add the name.

    My visa does not look like yours but I think this is because I had to do one day visa due to both Wednesday and Friday this week being public holidays. This meant there were lots of people doing the same and it was very busy.

    Only addition to note is:
    There is now a van parked outside the embassy which can do everything that you need. It’s pretty much an office in a van with computer, photocopier and printer so they can photocopy passport, print ticket, help with filling in the form and even take your photos for you, it’s very handy for them that the embassy wall is white! These people will even submit and pick up your passport for a fee. The couple running it were very friendly and I believe they were giving out the forms for free.

    The link you have included in this post to the form is only one page, we had to complete the back of the form with work history, only completed current job but did not complete past jobs and this was fine.

    Hope this helps anyone reading in the future.


    Ps. Don’t have clear plans for post Myanmar!

  4. Thanks for the updates Louise, have made some updates to the visa process. I need to find a good link to the latest visa form download, then will update that section as well. All the best on your travels!

  5. I have a comment on the photo & copy service van in front of the embassy.

    I have just visited the embassy few days ago and I experienced BAD service from the photo & copy service van. I just asked about the visa service for my further information but the vendor talked to me badly, so I gave up with them. I also noticed that they sell pens and glue at high price.

    So I just walked only about 100 meter away to the shophouses and found BETTER services. They offered indoor table and chair for filling forms, better photo taking, free pen and glue. They also had air-ticket printing service and submit-and-pick service at little cheaper price than the van. The owner was friendly and also a good English speaker.

  6. Thanks for this information Theresa, I have updated the visa information section with your feedback!

  7. Thanks for this very straightforward guide. Regarding the link to the visa form, there is a PDF on the embassy website:

    I don’t know if it is possible to print and use this, or whether it is just to show you what information is required.

    • Thanks for the link Paul, that’s really helpful. We’re going to the embassy next week so I’ll see if it’s possible to use it or whether it’s just to show what we’ll need to fill in when we get there!

  8. Hello, Thanks for the information. Can you please confirm that the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok is definitely open 15 Tuesday during the week of Thingyan in April 2014? I live in Yangon and have a friend coming to visit at that time and the myanmarembassybkk website has not updated holiday closures to reflect 2014 (still shows 2013). Want to be sure that Tuesday is indeed the one shot that week for same-day tourist visas coming from Bangkok. Thank you so much.

    • Embassy website seems to have been updated for 2014 holidays. It looks like they will be open after Maha Thingyan on Friday 18th of April. We have not been able to confirm this with the embassy directly. Did you get an update on this?

      • Hi Laila, I was at the embassy about a month ago. The holidays listed on the piece of paper on the wall included:

        14/15/16.3.14 – Maha Thingyam Festival
        17.4.14 – Myanmar New Year Holiday

        So they will be open on the 18th. If you want to see the photographic evidence, we have a photo of the piece of paper on our website!


  9. Hey Melissa, as far as we have been told that is the case. It will definitely be open on either the Monday or Tuesday but without the Embassy confirming their closure dates for 2014, we have had to go on what others have told us / or working it out from the MOFA website

  10. Mark Anderson // March 3, 2014 at 08:07 // Reply

    Hey Darryl. How’s things. I’ve recently been to Burma for 3 and a half weeks,from the 30 jan to 23 rd feb,loved it so much. I want to return there in about a months time. I’ve heard that this may not be possible,that you had to be out of the country for 6 months before returning. Have no idea if this is true or not? I was wondering if you had any information on this,I can’t seem to find anything in the internet. Here’s hoping,many thanks, Mark.

    • Hey Mark,

      Yes the information on Myanmar is scant at the best. We met someone over there that was working a lot between Myanmar and Malaysia. Sounded like they just came and went as often as they like (provided they got a visa before every arrival). It’s likely the same as most countries in Asia, if you do it a few times, then you might get more questions from border control, but that’s the worst that could happen. If you manage to get a visa though, then that pretty much guarantee’s you entry. Good luck!

  11. Could someone confirm whether you need to show a return flight out of Myanmar to get a same-day visa? I can show a return flight from Bangkok back to the UK but I don’t know whether I will spend 2 or 3 weeks in Myanmar so don’t want to book the Yangon->Bangkok flight too early.

    • You need to show a return flight ticket back to Bangkok. Given the embassy don’t have computer access to lookup flight manifests, nor do they ask for it at the Airport, you could just print a fake one out. As long as it has the dates match what you fill in on the application you won’t have any troubles. Spend 3 weeks in Myanmar regardless, there’s more than enough to see and it gives you more buffer time to get around the country. Better than spending more time in Bangkok before you go back to the UK in my opinion 🙂

      • Thanks for your reply, I’ll get the flight back to Bangkok booked as well. I agree with you about spending more time in Myanmar, I’ve been to Bangkok before and the only reason I’m going there is to get that same-day visa. Hope I get it, otherwise I’m ‘stuck’ in Thailand, could be worse 😉

  12. Darryl,

    Thank you for the great post! It was a tremendous help today as my fiancee and I requested and picked up our same day visas. One thing about the pickup process, the place was a madhouse when we arrived at 3:30. People need to be sure they get in the right line. Both lines, the Thai and foreigner ones, were wrapping around inside the room, so people were getting in the wrong line. Counter 2 for foreigners and Counter 4 for Thai passport holders.



  13. Hi,

    i’ve got my visa at the myanmar embassy just yesterday. thanks for the information darryl!

    my little piece of information: i was never asked to show or somehow proof that i’ll leave myanmar in time. i have got a one-way flight to mandalay and no return ticket. i got my visa the same day (1260bhat) and even if it says so on the little piece of paper at the wall, nobody wanted to see any flight tickets.

    safe trips eveyone,


  14. Thanks for the feedback Fabian. We’ve heard conflicting information on this from various travellers. I guess best advice for same-day visa travellers that can’t commit to a specific date to fly out to try their luck on the day. Otherwise if you have the time to spare in Bangkok, getting the slower visa is another option if you run into troubles at the counter. Happy Travels!

  15. A very useful and accurate guide, which gives confidence. Following the guidelines, I went to the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok today. Surasak is the BTS station, exit 3 and the direction is east, with the traffic flowing on your right hand side. Turn left before the main Embassy, having passed the Bangkok Christian College, the Visa section is then on your right a few yards down the road.

    I had a completed application form which I had downloaded from the Myanmar Embassy site, but it is not valid. At the side of Counter 4 is the latest version, which I have not seen on- line anywhere. It is simple and the contents are similar to the one I had printed. Beware, there are two sides to complete. If you do not do so, you go to the back of the queue. It helps to have a photocopy of your passport information page before you get to the Embassy.

    Fortunately for me, there was no queue and the whole thing passed very quickly. Submit the form, passport and photos to Counter 4, take your number card, take a seat and wait for the number to be called.

    Go to the called counter, answer any questions and pay, take your receipt and leave. I opted for same day. When I returned there was a long queue for Counter 4 and my heart sank, but it is for locals. Counter 2 was empty and welcoming, so I got my passport and visa immediately. Make sure to check your entry for accuracy.

    Much less painless than some visa experiences – efficient and with a smile.

    Jon P

  16. PS. The visa has changed its format. Just words, no photo. Much less visa looking. I trust it is Ok for the officials at Yangon airport.

    • Hey Jon,

      Thanks for the updated information. I will make sure we update our guide to reflect the changes you have mentioned. Wow they have removed the photo bit from the Visa? But that was the best bit of it!

  17. That is what everyone says! Anyway, immigration at Yangon airport was as smooth as silk about an hour ago, 14.00 local time.

  18. Saving this for future use! Thanks you!

  19. Thanks for the updated information. Check out more travel information here

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