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Leaving Home and Flying to Muscat

Packing for a year away is not easy, packing for mostly hot countries but with a few months planned in a slightly chillier one is even more difficult. Somehow though, I managed to pack everything (with a couple of minor exceptions that will hopefully be brought over with the parents) but slightly overpacked my hand luggage (laptops are awkward) as panic packing started to set in just before leaving for the airport.

After saying goodbye to parents and siblings at the airport (who knew leaving was such a big deal?!) we departed on our flight to Muscat, Oman with Oman Air. There isn't much to say about the flight except that it was 7 hours long and we had the smoothest landing ever.

Flying into Muscat

Once we arrived at Muscat Airport, we had to get a bus to the terminal and make our way to our next flight – with only an hour between landing and taking off it was looking to be a bit tight. We had enough time to get through security,  make a toilet stop before reaching the gate and catching another bus (which was empty when we got to it) to the plane.  So my first challenge of sending a postcard from the Muscat Airport failed. I couldn't even get a photo of Muscat at ground level because the airport had rubbish views – mostly just of the building site that will be the new airport/terminal.

This flight was much the same as the previous once, except just under 6 hours long and with a lot more turbulence – naturally this was worse just when food and drinks were served.

We finally reached Kuala Lumpur (early!) just before 8pm.

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  1. Tracey Todd // January 31, 2013 at 10:01 // Reply

    So glad you got there safe and sound, have lots of fun and look forward to reading your adventure
    love Tracey xxx

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