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Nanjing – The ‘Southern Capital’

Nanjing the Southern Capital of China

We arrived in Nanjing yesterday afternoon after travelling on the new high speed line from Hangzhou East to Nanjing South.  The fare costs 117.50RMB each and takes roughly 1 hour 30 minutes.

We got to our hotel fairly late in the afternoon, so didn't have much time before heading back out for dinner in town.  We visited the famous Shiziqiao Food Street, which is located just off Hunan Road. There are dozens of restaurants to choose from, but very little with English or picture menu's. We chose to eat at one of the canteen style joints where you can just point at the food you want. It was cheap, tasty and easy to work out for us.

Today we headed to Confucius Temple and The Gate of China tourist attractions.  Both costing roughly 30RMB per adult.  The Confucius Temple is a smallish complex of various exhibits, performances and the temple itself.  We weren't so impressed with this attraction as when we got to the exit, we were surprised that was the end of it all!

The Gate of China is a very large and very old archway with multiple floors that originally had a temple on top.  It's unique because it isn't a replica of the original like most Chinese attractions.  The structure is composed of roughly 1 billion bricks, all containing scripture's on the sides of every brick that was laid.  The text reads where the brick came from, the worker and their supervisor, this was to ensure every brick delivered was to a good standard.  There is also folklore that the wife of the person who ordered it to be built is buried beneath it somewhere.  Well worth the visit, as it gives great views of Nanjing.

We have a few days in Nanjing, so will post some more over the next few days!

Some photos:

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