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Ningbo Kite Flying and Flashy Cars

Saturday is our day out in town. Escaping the campus for a few hours on the weekend usually means indulging ourselves on western foods, as well as stocking up on supplies from Tesco.

We decided on trying out a pizza place outside the Heyi Avenue Mall called Pizza Pino. It seems to have been setup by some European dude and offers a great menu of pizza's, pastas and salads.  We opted for a rocket, parmesan shavings & parma ham 12″ pizza and a Spaghetti Carbonara.  It was great to finally find a place within reasonable distance of our University that does decent pizzas.  I read somewhere that the Chinese consider themselves to be the inventors of the pizza.  In reality if they are the original inventors, they've not done a stellar job in keeping that tradition going!

It was a really nice, warm day in Ningbo today so it gave us the opportunity to spend some time outside, wandering around some new places.  On the rooftop terraces at Heyi Avenue Mall we watched some kite flying (see the gallery), found a HSBC branch finally and then wandered over into Tianyi Square where some young teens were street dancing, it drew quite a crowd.

Anyway, this is just a small update as we actually did something today that was worthy of a post.

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  1. I don’t think people say dude anymore!!!!

  2. Finally, a floor dedicated to Fad Diets

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