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On the road to Mandalay..

Republic of the Union of Myanmar Visa Photo My Myanmar Visa!

Well our flight to Yangon leaves at 11am and we're buzzing with excitement along with a little fear about this trip to Myanmar (Burma). It's the first trip we have done without booking anything in advance. We have a lot of travelling ahead of us and aim to see most areas that are unrestricted for travellers.

This is a little heads up that we will be in a blackout most of the time over the next 3 weeks (literally as electricity isn't available 24 hours a day). So posts will be sporadic (if any at all). But we will hopefully have a great story to tell at the end of it all.

We bought a new camera the other day (Sony NEX-5) so will likely have some better photos to share of our travels.

Keep checking in with us, we will keep you updated when and if we get some WiFi!

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