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As many of you know, I loathe packing. Partly because I am never 100% sure what to pack, partly because I'm rubbish at it and partly because it is just tedious.

Unfortunately deciding to go away for a year involves a lot of packing. A lot. Packing up all my crap to put into storage, throwing things out, actually packing for the trip. Making sure I have enough clothes to cover the different types of weather we'll encounter.

I always begin with the best of intentions, making lists, pretending to be organised. This time I'll do it right. This time, I'll carefully organise everything, clearly label it all. Make a list of all the books. But no. Instead, I avoid it for as long as possible and then just throw everything into a box and hope for the best.

With only (just) 2 days to go until we leave, I haven't even really begun to pack my backpack. I'm bound to have a meltdown about that on Monday.

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