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The Secret Beach of Tân An, Bình Minh (Hội An)

Secret Beach Hoi An

We have been very lazy over the past several days.. When we arrived in Hoi An after being depressed by Hue, we immediately fell in love with the peace and tranquillity that this city offered us. Not to mention we are staying 5km outside the city in the middle of a locals village in a beach style bungalow (review to come!).

We haven't been doing much in Hoi An, even though there is of course the locally famous My Son ruins.  We figured since we were staying in an awkward location where the coach wouldn't be able to pick us up for the 4.47am departure time (to see the sunrise over the ruins) we would give it a miss on this occasion.  Besides its just ruins anyway and over the past 18 months have definitely had too much of our share of temple visits.  Also if we had it our way and didn't feel at all guilty about travelling and not seeing all the local sights, would focus our days around sleeping, eating and watching TV.  Whilst of course bathing in the tropical sun for a little while, before retreating back inside to eat more.

Our accommodation had a moped for hire and yesterday we used it to scoot around town (for food naturally) and check out the sea front of Hoi An.  All great stuff, but we decided today to go further afield and see what mileage we could rack up on the little moped and maybe even see something new and exciting along the way!

We set our sights on the coastal area that is South of Hoi An, on the other side of the Cam Nam river mouth / inlet, the bit that separates Hoi An to the South.  On Google Satellite View it seemed the whole area was just sandy and so my thinking was there would be some beach worth discovering there that we could call our own for the day.  Well I was right!

Directions to Tân An beach:

Map Beach Hoi An Binh Minh

Taking a roughly 1 hour 45 minute moped ride South will bring you to a little place called Đi Bãi tắm Tân An, Bình Minh, Thăng Bình.  It's a little disorientating to get down all the small roads and villages at times, but the trip is worthwhile as you will get a beach stretching 10's of km's into both directions that is completely deserted.  This is certainly no Nha Trang!

There is just 1 feature of this beach, and that is a small beach bar / cafe that is further down the left side.  It's a locals beach hangout, so you will get some friendly “Hello's” and “Where you from” if you decide to take some time out there.

In terms of facilities, well there is none.  So if you want to spend the day, be sure to bring your own food, drinks and beach towels (Drinks are cheap enough at the beach bar – roughly 10,000 Dong for Pepsi.  There isn't any chance of crime here as it's a local beach.  So parking your moped / motorbike and leaving it for the day at the road side won't result in you having to find an alternative route home at the end of the day!

See below for some pictures of this stunning beach, worth the trek down if you are staying in Hoi An for more than a couple of nights.

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  1. Wow,wow,wow
    Looks a very interesting trip especially that you have had. no previous real experience riding a motorbike.
    Well done and no doubt another notch and great experiance achieved.
    The beach looks lovely.
    Be good for a catch up on things soon
    All our love as always
    Dad & Mum

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