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Sometimes, you should stick to your original plan

We have been enjoying life on Koh Phangan, so much so we decided to extend our stay by another week. We rearranged our flights and found another place to stay (that was a bit cheaper). Everything seemed great, the rain hadn't lasted long and the sun was shining, what could go wrong?

This is what we signed up for!

Since the day we were supposed to leave the island, things just haven't been going our way.

First, our new bungalow didn't have any hot water – today or tomorrow we were told it would be fixed. Great. 2 cold showers later, Darryl went to have a word with them and asked if they had any other rooms free with working hot water. For some reason this actually prompted them to get someone in to fix our shower. It literally took them 3 minutes and all they used was a screwdriver. Why they couldn't have done that when we first told them, who knows. At least we have hot water now.

Next up, the weather changed. It rained for 2 days straight. The roads by our hotel were like rivers, there were waterfalls by the side of the roads, small rivers seemed to have formed from nowhere. The local 711 had a wall of sandbags in front of their door, you had to climb over to get in, to stop the flooding. We had to wade through knee deep water just to get there. Rain severely limits what you can do on an island. So we did mostly nothing for 2 days straight. Not fun, especially as our new room had no TV and we only have 1 laptop with us.

This used to be a road

Finally, today we had a small accident on our scooter. It wasn't pretty; we both had to get bandaged up at a nearby clinic. It could have been a lot worse, lucky for us it all seems relatively superficial (no stitches!). Nothing broken, just a bit cut up and grazed. We picked up some drugs (not from the clinic though, they wanted to change double what the local pharmacy charged!) and are feeling a bit better from taking them. But we'll have to wait and see how we feel tomorrow!

Each time something has happened, it just convinces me more and more that we should have just stuck to our original plan and left the island last week. It's all part of the experience, but not necessarily the experience I wanted to have. Travelling isn't always fun and games!

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  1. Next time Darryl says come for a ride cris, I would think twice.

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