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The Black Cat Burger Challenge – Ho Chi Minh

They call her ‘The Big Cheese'.. The mother load of all burgers.  In a country where any beef on the menu is a rarity, this 1.5kg beast of a burger is a real treat to anyone missing some home comforts whilst in Saigon.

Of course when I use the term ‘home comforts' I am not usually one to regularly consume a 1.5kg burger back in the UK or anywhere for that matter.  Actually, to be honest it's not really all that comforting after you complete it either.  Regardless, if you are visiting Ho Chi Minh this has to be on your list of eateries to try out.  Don't think that because you're in Vietnam you have to eat noodles and soup every day (it gets quite boring after a week or two).  Also, if you've been in the country long enough, you'll be getting hungry for something more substantial anyway.

The Black Cat restaurant is located on Phan Van Dat, in District 1 and serves up everything from hot wings to salads.  It's real good American food, better than most that you can get back in the UK (we're not great at doing American food).  The Black Cat Burger (aka The Big Cheese) has to be attempted should you venture over this way, given it's relatively cheap (all things considered) at 333,0000 Dong (Like £10).  It is honestly one of the nicest burgers you may just have in your life!  Plus we all love a good food challenge now don't we?

I actually didn't complete the Black Cat Burger challenge, I ate roughly 90% of the burger and then hit a massive wall.  Cristabel had to finish the remainder off.  Maybe if I hadn't had a large beer beforehand and eaten my fries so much, I could have finished it.  But in hindsight, did I really want 1.5kg of food sitting in my stomach?

How to get to Black Cat Burger restaurant in Vietnam

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