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This is what travelling is all about..

Jumping in a plane, landing and heading into town to run around finding accommodation to spend the night. Grabbing some dinner at a place across the street recommended to you and hanging out with the locals to experience late night culture in a bustling and vibrant city. This is Burma and you will be hard pressed to find anywhere quite like it in the world.

The past few days we have travelled from Yangon down to Kinpun by the rickety old trains still going strong that were built by the British 100 years ago. Then taken local cart taxis here, there and everywhere. We experienced probably the most uncomfortable and scary drive up to see the Golden Rock at near sunset. Then the next day caught an early locals bus to Moulmein to breathe in its old town ‘charm' and old British colonial buildings slowly being taken back by the surrounding jungles. We grabbed a couple of cart taxis to see the worlds largest sleeping Buddha.. And hopped onto yet another early bus all the way back to Yangon.

So here we are again, in Yangon taking a small break before heading up the to Pathein and then onto Chuang Tha.

There is so much more to tell and to show, yet we are just 5 days into this trip. Burma is incredible and we can't wait to share with you the photos and our stories.

If you are reading this and are planning a trip here. Book your plane, sort out your visa and get here now.

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Darryl left the shorelines of England in 2013 to study and travel in China and South East Asia for a year. Darryl is a co-founder of, a travel blog with the aim of sharing travel tips, country & city guides for other backpackers. Visit my Google+ page.

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  1. Wish we had more holiday time left to take this year!!
    Can’t wait to learn more?
    Dad & Mum

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