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Tianfeng Tower and Tasty’s Burgers

The weather was perfect today for a walk around town.  Everyone else seemed to have the same idea, as the 541 bus was packed (as usual, but at least the A/C was on today).

We got off at Laowaitan for a hearty, and may I say healthy, lunch of burgers and fries from Tasty's Restaurant.  I've been in need of something more than scraps of meat for a while and western food always ends up being the remedy for our meat cravings.  However, after now visiting Tasty's I'm slightly annoyed that I didn't try out this place earlier.  They have a great selection of Pizza's, Burgers & Sliders, Hot Dogs and Chicken.  All western size in  proportions (skimpy on the chips but better than most other eateries in China).  Burgers were awesome and we left happy, ready to take on the rest of the day.  Prices are reasonable too, burgers with fries start at ¥40, with sandwich's around ¥40.

Mmmm.. That was a tasty burger!

Mmmm.. That was a tasty burger!

Our mission for today was to head across to Dashani Street (Haishu District) and check out Tianfeng Tower (Pagoda).  It has some history and we spotted it the other week when we visited the city park.

Tianfeng Tower (Pagoda)

About: “Tianfeng Tower was built during 695 to 696 AD when emperor Wu Zetian was in power and got its name from the titles of the emperor's reign.  The tower was destroyed in wartime during Jian Yan's reign from 1127 to 1130 AD in the Southern Song Dynasty.  It was rebuilt in the 14th year of Shao Xing's reign in 1144 AD and was repaired in Song, Yuan and Qing Dynasties.  In 1798 AD (the 3rd year of Jia Qing's reign in Qing Dynasties), eaves, railing and stairs of the Tower were destroyed by fire, and only the tower body survived. In spite of that, the tower body began to lean crazily and seriously after being eroded by excessive wind, frost, rain and snow.  In 1984, Tianfeng Tower was repaired in large scale according to its original appearance in Song Dynasty and got a new yard.  The tower has 13 layers bright or dark and is 51.5 meters in height.  It was one of the scenic spots in Ningbo.”

Entry Costs: ¥5 each or half price for students and free for organised student tours pre-booked.

Location: 5 minute walk from Tianyi Square, walk towards the city park and you can't miss it.

Address: 258号 Dashani St, Haishu, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

Map of Ningbo Tianfeng Tower

It was worth the trip, the tower has some great views of the city and the markets surrounding it are interesting to explore.  When we were up the tower it looked as though there is a new development going on to the west, with old style looking Chinese streets, alleys and buildings.  It's almost finished so will be interesting to visit when it's navigable.

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  1. Are you still in ningbo , i’m ningbo and it’s do boring !!

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