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Thinking about travelling to the Far East, South America, Africa, North America or Australasia? We have tried to take the pain out of choosing the right travel insurance for backpackers.  Read our guides below on how to stay safe whilst on the road.

Top 4 cheapest backpacker travel insurance providers in the UK:

We’ve picked out the 4 cheapest travel insurance providers in the UK for backpacking around the world. After our travels in China and South East Asia for 12 months, we knew that many people looking for travelling insurance are as equally confused as we were!

Confusing terminology makes looking for the right cover almost impossible! We’ve found the best cover out there, with excess from just £75 per claim and up to £10,000,000 worth of medical cover starting from just £133 per person, per year.

Tales of the road.. Why we needed travel insurance in Thailand:

Travel insurance covers you for a variety of problems you may encounter whilst on the road.  From having your passport stolen in Bangkok, to having an accident with a local in Vietnam.. Travel Insurance will cover you for medical expenses, legal costs and stolen / lost property.  Some insurance providers will even cover lost cash.

Being covered means that you can get reimbursed for medical costs and when it comes to legal fees, you won't have to worry about the up-front costs, except the excess you choose.

5 essential tips you should know before choosing backpacker travel insurance:

There are 100's of travel insurance choices for world travellers out there to choose from, but how do you pick the right policy for you? We've short-listed the top 5 things that every would-be traveller needs to know when trying to short-list a travel insurance provider.

From how to choose the right amount of excess to pay, to how much medical & personal liability cover is the right amount.  We hope our guide will help you in making the right choice for your travels.

5 tips on how to stay out of danger whilst travelling and keeping your insurance valid:

1 in 5 travellers in the UK don't have adequate insurance when going abroad.  But that's not even the scary part!  Over 70% of British Backpackers have no idea on what activities they do abroad which will void their travel insurance premium and ability to claim.

We have put together 5 essential tips for whilst you are backpacking in a foreign country to help you avoid your travel insurance becoming void.

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