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5 Tips on how to avoid invalidating your Backpacker Travel Insurance

Posted on December 7, 2013 by  in Travel Insurance //

Sunset over Chaung Tha Beach

Did you know that the majority of UK backpackers don't know how they can invalidate their travel insurance premiums?  It's common sense for the most part, but follow our Top 5 Tips to avoid invalidating your travel insurance whilst on the road worldwide.

  1. Partaking in activities not covered by your insurance policy

    • These could be simple activities like hiring a moped on the Thai Islands to Elephant Trekking in the Hills around Chiang Mai.  Make sure that you check what activities are covered under your insurance premium and enquire with the provider on if you can pay extra to be fully covered.
    • Bar crawls in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.  Because they involve activities that will result with you being intoxicated, you may not be covered if you have an accident or get into trouble with the police.  In fact, this is one of the single biggest reasons for personal injuries for young backpackers.  Make sure you know the facts, before you travel!
  2. You don't declare any medical conditions you have at the time of purchase

    • If you have a pre-existing medical condition that either requires prescription medication or increases your risk of accidents, then this MUST be declared at the time of taking the insurance out.  If you don't, it can completely invalidate your insurance for all cover you are supposed to be entitled to.
  3. Not getting a police report when your valuables are stolen or you are a victim of theft or assault

    • Without an official letter from the local police authorities where your incident took place, your insurance claim will be invalidated.  The insurance provider needs an official account of what took place.  Language barriers can sometimes become tricky, that is why consulting the FCO website for UK residents will come in handy, as it will detail local embassies that you can consult in case of emergency.
  4. Travelling in countries the FCO advises against ‘All but essential travel within'

    • The UK FCO and American equivalent Bureau of Consular Affairs keep their websites updated daily on any changes in their travel advice and guidance.  You should pay close attention to any announcements on guidance they provide.  Sign-up for their travel alerts, so that when you are on the road you know the current situations and can take precautions.
    • Ensure you stay away from countries that have a warning on travel.  This usually is written in the small print of your travel insurance documents, that you're insurance is invalid whilst travelling in ‘amber flagged' territories.  If in doubt, ask your insurance provider directly.
  5. Don't just buy the cheapest travel insurance available online

    • You should read reviews from other travellers about who they use when travelling for extended periods.  This will help you in deciding the types of negative experiences people have had with certain providers.
    • Make sure you look at all the specifics that are covered on your insurance premium, don't take risks in not being covered for ‘Public Liability' or ‘Medical Emergencies', these are going to be the areas of which need the most cover.

We have reviewed and rated some of the best backpacker travel insurers out there for people from the UK.  These are tried and tested by other travellers, and they could save you money and a lot of bother when travelling abroad!

Happy and Safe Travels!

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