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Travel Planning: Easier said than done

We are currently in Pattaya, Thailand, relaxing a bit after our somewhat hectic trip to Myanmar (Burma). We are trying to use this time to plan our next destination because at the moment we have no on ward travel plans.

Back when we were in China, before we had really begun travelling, we had grand plans of heading to New Zealand and spending 3 months there before moving on to America. This plan was scrapped before we had even left China as it would just be too expensive. Instead, we visited Myanmar, a place on the bucket list but had never really been a serious consideration for this trip.

If we had had enough money to go to New Zealand, we would not have gone to Myanmar. And to be honest, I think what we have done has worked out much better. New Zealand has a well trodden tourist route that won't really change over the next few years. Myanmar was changing whilst we were there. It won't be like it is right now for much longer. That may be for the better, but it may be for the worse. Hopefully we will be luckily enough to visit again in a few years time, see all the things we didn't manage to see this time, and see how the country opening up has changed it. Will there be a coffee shop on every corner? Will there be a KFC, Burger King or McDonalds? Will men stop wearing Longji's? Or will it have stayed the same? The people just as friendly and helpful without wanting anything from you?

The bigger problem that not going to New Zealand has created is that now we have a few months that we didn't think we had to worry about, empty and unplanned. Obviously we have been thinking about where to go since deciding not to go. But we just can't decide.

Another problem is our budget has gotten much, much smaller now.

So where to next? We have been batting around a few ideas; East Coast of Malaysia, Cameron Highlands, Singapore, North East of Thailand, Thai island, Borneo, Indonesia. We could even go back to Cambodia or Laos (which we visited last year). But we just don't know.

So for now, we are in Pattaya. Inspiration will hopefully strike and we will be on the move again soon.


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  1. I have a stocking ready for Xmas just in case x

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