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Bypass China Firewall 2015 – Travel VPN Blog

How to bypass china firewall 2013 vpn guide

So you want to bypass the China firewall in 2015? Keep reading, for our guides and blogs about the latest methods to unblock web content:

You might be thinking about just simply getting online and accessing your emails, Facebook and watching some YouTube. But hopefully after reading this section you will be more interested in it for the safety and security it will offer you!

Getting online whilst on the road is on the top list of important things to ensure is guaranteed.  Whether it's freelancing in China or Vietnam, accessing your bank account in a cafe in Burma or studying abroad, read our guides to help ensure you stay safe online.

Even when using WiFi hotspots it's imperative to use a VPN to keep your personal information secure and of course if you are in China, to get around China's Internet Firewall.  Take a read of my original blog post that has gained some traction online and has helped many people travelling, studying and working in Mainland China.

Also through our guides you will find we have gained some exclusive offers through the likes of Golden Frog (VyprVPN) which means you can try out a premium VPN service on a 3 day trial, starting at just $6.67 per month thereafter.

How to access Facebook in China without a VPN

how to access facebook in china

Our latest guide on VPN’s in China focuses on how to access Facebook in China. Facebook is the worlds 2nd most popular website and has been blocked in Mainland China since late 2009.  Due to the Chinese Firewall, accessing Facebook in 2015 is still problematic … Continue reading →

Which websites are blocked in China – City Guide

China VPN City Guide Blocked Websites

The situation in China regarding blocked websites is getting worse.  The Chinese government is unlikely to lift restrictions up in the near future. This makes your life as a traveler or expat that bit harder when just trying to get on with your day.  Read on if you want to learn about accessing foreign websites and trying to bypass china firewall 2015.… Continue reading →

VyprVPN Review – Our favorite choice for travel VPN provider!

Best top VPN provider for travelling

We have used multiple VPN solutions over the past 8 months on the road and whilst studying in Ningbo, China.  We found that VyprVPN by Golden Frog was the best at providing us both a reliable and secure VPN connection whilst living here. We especially like the fact it aided us in it's ability to easily bypass China's firewall in 2015 … Continue reading →

Which VPN service works in Mainland China (P.R.C.)?

VPN access when travelling in China

We have been living and travelling in China since February 2015 and without the use of a VPN, we would have been disadvantaged in a couple of ways. No access to blocked sites (YouTube, Facebook, Blogspot, … Continue reading →

VPN’s for Myanmar – Best VPN for Burmese Internet

Bagan temples along old dirt track at Sunset
Bagan temples along old dirt track at SunsetMyanmar (Burma) is now the fastest growing tourism destination in all of SE Asia.  It has some of the highest growth rates in terms of GDP and other measures amongst all of SE Asia.  Yet Myanmar also has some of the most undeveloped Internet infrastructure in all of Asia.

How to watch Sky Go TV in Thailand with a VPN

How to watch Sky Go TV in Thailand

Finally, there is an easy solution for watching Sky Go’s online TV streaming service whilst living or travelling in Thailand.

Recently we were travelling in Thailand and staying with relatives for extended periods and got a lot of use from the service.  Whilst in China for 6 months, we used to try watching our favourite TV programmes on Sky Go, but without much luck.  The broadband in China just wasn't workable for streaming even standard quality Sky Go content.  When we got to Thailand though, that all changed with their faster broadband speeds.

Read our 4 step guide on getting Sky Go working in Thailand.

How to access Twitter in Turkey after government blocks

Twitter has officially been blocked by the Turkish government. The Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is enacting revenge over the recent wiretapped recordings that were leaked on the Social media site.

Read our in-depth guide on how to access in Turkey 2015 with the current censorship / blocks.

It might be worth reading up more about VPNs if you are interested in the technology aspect of them.  Try these links..

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