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How to access Facebook in China without a VPN

how to access facebook in china

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Our latest guide on VPN's in China focuses on how to access Facebook in China. Facebook is the worlds 2nd most popular website and has been blocked in Mainland China since late 2009.  Due to the Chinese Firewall, accessing Facebook normally is impossible.  Even on your mobile, the application's APIs are blocked from reaching Facebook's servers. (unlike Vietnam, where the iOS / Android Apps still work fine!).

Below we list the various methods for how to access Facebook in China, with and without a VPN connection.  Although all options apart from our recommendation VPN list are hit and miss at best!

How to access Facebook in China without a VPN:

Firstly, don't even think about using a free public proxy when looking at options on how to access Facebook in China. They are insecure and expose your logins to an unreliable third party.  Secondly the free proxies that you will find out there such as.. ‘hide my ass', ‘k proxy' and ‘free' are all blocked in China. As well as the proxy IP address's, servers and website HTTP proxy URLs that these websites list in their directories.

The other option for how to access Facebook in China is to either.. Pay for a premium and relatively unknown provider OR the best option is to create your own. Which there are some great guides available here and also here (recommended).  But remember that you will need your own server (preferably dedicated server) and an understanding of server side installations.  This option is not for beginners and not worth the hassle if you are visiting / living in China for a short stay.

If you want to pay for a web proxy, then some of the main VPN providers offer proxy servers, as well as a VPN connection with your packages.  Otherwise a fair proxy provider is which we talked about in our best VPN that works in China blog post.

How to Access Facebook in China, with a VPN connection:

We've been shouting about this for a while now and the rest of the internet agrees with us! You need to purchase an inexpensive private VPN from one of the smaller providers.

The Main VPN providers and how to access Facebook in China:

VPN Provider Servers Available Protocols Supported Supported OS Software Connecting in China / Access to Facebook?
Black VPN 12 Country Servers L2TP/IPSec, PPTP or OpenVPN (not 256bit) Only Windows & Mac Not working (Sep 2014).
Express VPN 34 Country Servers L2TP/IPsec or SSTP Windows, Mac, iOS and Android Apps Intermittent (no 256bit OpenVPN protocol).
Hide My Ass 61 Country Servers L2TP/IPSec, PPTP or OpenVPN Windows, Mac, iOS and Android Apps Not working (Sep 2014).
Proxpn 4 Country Servers PPTP or OpenVPN Only Windows & Mac Yes many servers work on OpenVPN, not on PPTP.
Strong VPN 19 Country Servers PPTP or OpenVPN Only Windows & Mac Intermittent service (Sep 2014).
Vypr VPN Over 40 Country Servers L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, OpenVPN (256bit) + Chameleon (256bit) Windows, Mac, iOS and Android Apps PPTP can be hit and miss but L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN work the best.  The new Chameleon service works 100% of the time now. Vypr is the only VPN provider in the world with this new protocol.

The reason why many of the larger VPN providers you see advertised on Google Ads are blocked, is because they attract too much traffic.  Sooner or later, when there are many users connecting to the same server they get placed on China's ‘black list'. And on rare occasions will get blocked permanently.  A lot of the reason is also what this specific post is doing.  In that, I mean blogs and websites are reviewing VPNs and not testing them in China properly. Recommending VPNs that because they are given lots of attention get blocked in China quickly.  That is why you see a lot of these articles written about ‘how to access Facebook in China' or ‘the best way on how to access Facebook in China'.  They attract to much attention and then bye bye VPN services.

The best thing is to also buy a VPN before you travel as when you get to China. Even some of the less well known VPNs have their websites blocked.  This is because they contained information on accessing VPNs, heck even this website might be blocked at some point along with our recommendations!

We found that PPTP in general was blocked very quickly in China and never was a reliable enough connection.  L2TP/IPSec is very reliable but the best by far is OpenVPN 256bit.  That's because its pretty much uncrackable and harder to shutdown VPN connections on.  But the crazy thing is most VPN providers don't even offer this protocol!  It's a joke, as you will read reviews of many VPNs that are never actually tested within the mainland.  Or the review is old and completely out of date.  Anything written more than 6 months ago is likely not relevant anymore.

If you want to answer the question of how to access Facebook in China, then we recommend getting VyprVPN above all others.  We tried all the others on the list above, along with a few that our friends signed up for and found very mixed / negative responses.

How to access Facebook in China with VyprVPN:

VyprVPN have software available for all devices and offers a ‘1 click installer' with guides. You can be up and running your VPN connection on your Windows PC, Mac, iPhone or Android device within minutes after purchasing. Letting you access Facebook in China finally!

They also don't tie you into contracts and offer a 3 day, no-strings trial. You get access to all VPN protocols (unlike providers such as Black VPN) with their Pro package which is $8.87 per month ($6.67 for basic package).  That also gives you a max of 2 connections per account, meaning you can use the VPN on your laptop and phone at the same time.  We have an exclusive $5 first month half price offer, you can get by clicking the link below also.

I have been using Vypr since February and continue to use it outside of China. After the NSA whistleblower stories hit, I didn't want to take any chances with my personal data.  It's good to have it encrypted between both end points!

The best thing is to signup for their Premier package and try for a few days before you leave for China.  If you like it, then continue with it, but then if you find something better then you can simply cancel it.

You can get 50% off your first month by visiting VyprVPN through this link.

If you liked this VPN guide for How to access Facebook in China, please share it with others via the below links.  Please comment below if any of the above information is now inaccurate. Or you can help others with accessing blocked sites in China, all help is greatly appreciated!

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