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How to stop Netflix throttling on Time Warner, Comcast Cable & Virgin Media ISPs

How to watch House of Cards on Comcast & Time Warner without Throttling

December 13, 2014
By Darryl Hall

We've talked a lot about bandwidth throttling before, regarding certain ISPs in the US & UK, internet restrictions in China and corporations in the UAE. But recently there has been more and more talk on the internet, about Netflix streaming being throttled by certain ISPs.

TV shows like House of Cards are now being recorded in Ultra HD 4K and for the first time ever, Netflix will be making these Ultra HD streams available to subscribers of Netflix.  The problem?  Regardless of your monthly bandwidth and speeds promised by Comcast Cable, Time Warner & Virgin Media in the UK, you will likely not be able to stream without buffering.  Even in normal HD,  on these ISPs you will likely experience constant buffering and downgrading of House of Cards broadcast quality.

What you don't know about your ISPs relationships with Netflix and

Online video streaming websites like Netflix have business relationships with providers like Comcast.  Netflix pays a lot of money to have servers located inside of Comcast Data Servers.  This allows certain content you stream from Netflix to not be throttled.  However, apparently the amount Comcast pays for this service is not enough.  Which is why customers of Comcast still experience buffering and constant throttling on websites located outside of Comcast Data Servers.

There are many rumours that other ISPs such as Time Warner & Virgin Media (UK) are following the same tactic.  This is in order to push their own on-demand streaming services which won't be impacted by throttling.  On the heels of Net Neutrality being talked about in the US, it has been deemed essentially an illegal tactic operated by the monopolies of Internet and Cable providers based in the states.  When this tactic gets discontinued, is much debated.  But there are options available to ensure you get uninterrupted access to Netflix and providing your usual bandwidth can support it, will be able to stream Ultra HD 4K content with no problems.

Use a VPN to watch shows like House of Cards on Netflix without your bandwidth being throttled

A VPN can act as your “virtual ISP” by preventing the likes of Comcast, Time Warner and Virgin Media (in the UK) from inspecting, prioritising and throttling internet traffic.  This allows people to experience the internet speed promised by their ISPs with the bonus of surfing the net anonymously, safely and securely.

The great thing is there are tonnes of free VPN services out there to use (just Google it).  But if you want to ensure your data is kept securely and ensure consistent speeds, buying a ‘premium' private VPN is the way forward.  They don't even cost much to setup, the cheapest one out there is $5 for the first month and then $10 thereafter.  If there was a price to put on surfing the web privately, and without your ISPs snooping on what you are watching and penalizing you, that ain't a bad deal!

We've been travelling on the road for the past year and have used VyprVPN in China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar (Burma), the UK & US.  It's simply awesome.  In China it allowed us access to websites that are usually blocked such as Facebook and YouTube, in Myanmar we were able to connect to internet banking securely and in the UK & US.  We have been able to watch international TV from either the UK & US by simply connecting to a VPN.  We recently wrote how to watch the Sochi Winter Olympics in the states on BBC iPlayer and CBC (Canada) by connecting to a VPN beforehand.

So how can I watch House of Cards in Ultra HD 4K on Netflix without buffering?

In 4 easy steps, you can stop your ISP throttling your internet (in under 10 minutes)

So, as I was speaking about previously.  We use VyprVPN because its the cheapest, fastest VPN connection out there at the moment.  Just some of the reasons are:

  • Unlimited Speed & Usage (You can download 10TB or 1000TB per month, doesn't matter as there are no restrictions!)
  • Works on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android (They have Apps as well)
  • 700+ Server Clusters in the United States, Europe, Asia & Oceania (In the US connect to either Austin, Los Angeles, Miami or Washington)
  • Free online storage with DumpTruck (10GB with basic and 50GB with Premier)

Follow the below instructions for setting up VyprVPN and getting the best connection on Netflix and for watching shows such as House of Cards.

|| STEP 1: Choose your VPN plan from VyprVPN, month plans start from $5 for first month (50% discount offer at the moment) with a 3 day free trial so you can test it out before paying for anything.

  1. Click here to go to the VyprVPN product page and select the plan (there are 3 options, we use pro, but basic works fine).
  2. Type in your details in the boxes provided, create a username and password, then continue to the payment page and pay for your selected service.  It’s billed monthly and you have 3 days to try VyprVPN out, before payment comes out.
  3. Once processed, you will have an account immediately available. And remember your username and password (username is always your email address).

|| STEP 2: Download the VPN software and install on your PC / Mac, iPhone or Tablet.

VyprVPN have software available for both PC & Mac, along with all iOS devices (iPhone & iPad) and Android phones and tablets.

  1. You can download the software here.
  2. If you have a iPhone or iPad, go to the App Store on your device, and search for ‘VyprVPN’ and click install.

|| STEP 3: Login with your username and password and connect to the right server

Now, remember your username and password you created earlier (email address is your username).  Open the VyprVPN software up on your PC or Mac and it will prompt you for your login details, enter them, then choose the server you want to connect to.

  • Watching Netflix on the West Coast of the US?  Then connect to Los Angeles.
  • Watching Netflix in the Mid West of the US?  Then connect to Austin.
  • Watching Netflix on the East Coast of the US?  Then connect to either Miami (if you are in the South) or Washington D.C. in the North.
  • Watching Netflix on Virgin Media in the UK?  Then connect to London.

If you are installing the App on your iPhone or iPad (or Android device), then enter your login details when you open the App for the first time.  Once you click ‘Connect’, you will be automatically connected and everything you now do online is anonymous, untracked and best of all you can access content that normally is blocked in the states.  Just make sure you connect to the appropriate country server as above!

|| STEP 4: Visit Netflix, login and watch uninterrupted films and TV shows in their true HD and Ultra HD quality..

Voila! Just remember to buy your VPN access through our link, as it currently lets you get 50% discount off your 1st month with VyprVPN from Goldenfrog.

I hope you enjoyed this article, if you have any tips you can share with us then please tell us through the comments below!!

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