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How to Stream Sochi Winter Olympics in the US with BBC iPlayer

Use a VPN to watch Sochi Live in America without NBC

February 12, 2014
By Darryl Hall

We have a lot of friends based in the US travelling at the moment, that wanted to watch the Winter Olympics 2014, in Sochi, Russia.  They asked our advice recently on if we could help them stream it all live.  The best online free service for our friends state-side is either BBC iPlayer (UK) or CBC (Canada).  However, to stream the Winter Olympics on BBC iPlayer, requires masking your IP address / internet connection to make iPlayer think you are based in the UK.  The same goes connecting to any other international networks streaming the Russian Sochi Winter Olympics.

There are several ways in which you can mask your IP address, either by using a proxy server or a VPN.  Both options you can find guides out there on doing it for free.  I recommend for a free proxy or TorVPN for a free VPN.  However, for sake of your sanity and cheaping out on paying a few bucks to get it all working properly, your best bet is paying for a premium VPN.  It costs just $5 to use for the entire length of when the Sochi Winter Olympics is being broadcast and you get the first 3 days as a free trial anyway, it worth just taking it up for a few days to try it out.

We use VyprVPN, purely because it's the cheapest, fastest, has the most servers with OpenVPN (256bit) and works everywhere in the world (including China!).  In fact we use it everyday now, call it paranoia, but we like keeping our internet lives private from the NSA and the likes!

How can I stream the Winter Olympics in Sochi without being a subscriber to NBC?

Firstly, you can stream the Sochi Winter Olympics from anywhere in the world (not just the US) AND there are more than just CBC and BBC iPlayer you can use to watch it once you have a VPN account.

See the below table for which is the best online broadcasters to stream from outside of Russia with. And which VyprVPN server location to connect to, based on where you are reading this article from.  I have listed only the countries where no domestic streaming service currently exists:

United States



  • Gorin (Connect to Tokyo)


4 easy steps to stream Winter Olympics 2014 with a VPN

(Be up and running in under 10 minutes)


STEP 1: Choose your VPN plan from VyprVPN, we recommend cheapest ‘Basic' option as it's just $5 and does the job!

  1. Click here to go to the VyprVPN product page and select the basic plan (there are other options, depends on what else you may want).
  2. Type in your details in the boxes provided, create a username and password, then continue to the payment page and pay for your selected service.  It’s billed monthly so you can cancel once the Sochi Olympics are over and get charged for just the single month.
  3. Once processed, you will have an account immediately available. And remember your username and password (username is always your email address).

STEP 2: Download the VPN software and install on your PC / Mac, iPhone or Tablet.

VyprVPN have software available for both PC & Mac, along with all iOS devices (iPhone & iPad) and Android phones and tablets.

  1. You can download the software here.
  2. If you have a iPhone or iPad, go to the App Store on your device, and search for ‘VyprVPN’ and click install.

STEP 3: Login with your username and password

Now, remember your username and password you created earlier (email address is your username).  Open the VyprVPN software up on your PC or Mac and it will prompt you for your login details, enter them, then choose which country you wish to connect to.  We have recommended countries at the top of the page for a few places.  If you are from the United States and want to watch the Winter Olympics on BBC iPlayer, connect to ‘United Kingdom' and for CBC Canada, connect to ‘Toronto'.

If you are installing the App on your iPhone or iPad (or Android device), then enter your login details when you open the App for the first time.  Once you click ‘Connect’, you will be automatically connected and everything you now do online is anonymous, untracked and best of all you can access content that normally is blocked in the states.  Just make sure you connect to the appropriate country server!

STEP 4: Visit the international broadcaster website you want to stream the Sochi Winter Olympics from:

(You can view a list of VyprVPN's complete server location list here.)

Australia  Watch on TenPlay (Connect to Perth, Melbourne or Sydney)
Canada  Watch on CBC Canada (Connect to Toronto)
France  Watch on PLUZZ (Connect to Paris)
Germany  Watch on ZDF (Connect to Frankfurt)
Iceland  Watch on VISIR (Connect to Reykjavik)
Italy  Watch on SKYGO (Connect to Rome)
Norway  Watch on NRK.NO (Connect to Oslo)
Sweden  Watch on SVT (Connect to Stockholm)
UK  Watch on BBC iPlayer (Connect to London)
New Zealand  Watch on Sky (Connect to Auckland)

Why not try streaming other UK Channels now you have a VPN account!?

Also, once you have a VPN, our friends state side can also watch other free streamable TV programming.  If you connect to the UK VPN server, you can watch networks such as Channel 4's 4OD , ITV Player as well as BBC iPlayer. They are similar to Hulu and have 1,000's of hours of free content to watch during the Olympics and afters.  If you are not familiar with British TV shows, I can recommend watching Danny Boyle's new ‘Babylon' cop show.  If you are into comedy, then try watching 8 out of 10 Cats, Fresh Meat, The Inbetweeners, Peep Show, Father Ted, The IT Crowd, Shameless, Spaced, etc..  Check out all the show's on 4OD here.

Interested in watching House of Cards Season 2 in the US without Comcast throttling your internet connection?  Find out how here.

Sochi Winter Olympics Sports Schedule 2014:

Take a look at the sports schedule below, also if you search Google for ‘Sochi Winter Olympics' during the games, it will give you the current fixtures and times in your local area.

Sochi Winter Olympics Sports Schedule

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