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VyprVPN Review – Best choice for global travel VPN provider!

VyprVPN review best travel VPN software

VyprVPN Review written by Darryl Hall:

FYI – We have managed to wrangle a special offer for subscribers for VyprVPN. You can now get a 3 day free trial (no strings attached), 50% discount off your first month PLUS then just pay $6.67 per month thereafterread more here..

Given our usage of multiple VPN solutions over 11 months in 2013, we found that VyprVPN by Golden Frog was the best at providing us both a reliable and secure VPN connection whilst travelling.  We especially like the fact they have applications that are so easy to use for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS.  It means you can simply download and install the software with 1 click and then login with your user credentials and connect to whichever server is nearest to you.  That is why we have come to the point of writing several vyprvpn reviews on the website, to help other travellers with the task of getting online safely in the mainland.

Read down further for our complete VyprVPN 2015 review feature:


    Not only does Internet access continue to be restricted, but these restrictions are increasing in some parts of the world. Freedom House, a watchdog organization dedicated to the expansion of freedom, reported in September 2012 that restrictions on the Internet increased in 20 of the 47 countries. These countries were evaluated on barriers to access the Internet, limits on content and violations of user rights.

We needed a VPN in China as it was so locked down and the internet so unstable wherever we went.  Having the VPN actually not only kept us secure and our communications private, but sped the internet up!  Yes thats right, it increased our internet speed on ethernet by 50%, when connecting to VPN servers that were closest to the website / download servers we were accessing (such as Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Singapore, etc..).  You can read about this in my original blog post on the best VPN for China and accessing blocked sites that inspired this vyprvpn review.


    There's a reason that service providers fight to achieve a dominant position – monopoly or duopoly. They can create merely toll roads on the data freeway that, rather than charging by the mile (or gigabyte), attempt to capture rents based on the value of the content rather than the cost of providing the service. Despite the fact that every megabyte or gigabyte costs the same, providers are seeking to charge for content and the value they think they can derive.

I had never heard of Golden Frog (company behind VyprVPN) before we decided to leave for China, I was researching VPN providers (just like you are likely doing now) and reading through all the vyprvpn review sites, trying to find advice from people that lived within the P.R.C.  Very few gave me much confidence that any of the main VPN providers would work, as the government has locked down things so much in terms of VPN connections over the past few years.  When I read about OpenVPN support from a vyprvpn review on CNET, it turned out that this was a good connection for using within China, as it is extra hard for the government to lock down your connection and block the IP address.  Well it turned out to be right, but also the regular VPN protocols that VyprVPN offered worked really well as well!

Worldwide Active VPN Servers (Open, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP Protocols & their NEW Chameleon VPN)

  • Australia – Melbourne
  • Australia – Perth
  • Australia – Sydney
  • Austria – Vienna
  • Belgium – Brussels
  • Canada – Toronto
  • Czech Republic – Prague
  • Denmark – Copenhagen
  • Europe – Luxembourg
  • Finland – Helsinki
  • France – Paris
  • Germany – Frankfurt
  • Hong Kong
  • Iceland – Reykjavik
  • Ireland – Dublin
  • Indonesia – Jakarta
  • Italy – Rome
  • Japan – Tokyo
  • Lithuania – Vilnius
  • Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur
  • Netherlands – Amsterdam
  • New Zealand – Auckland
  • Norway – Oslo
  • Philippines – Manila
  • Poland – Warsaw
  • Portugal – Lisbon
  • Romania – Bucharest
  • Russia – Moscow
  • Singapore – Singapore
  • South Korea – Seoul
  • Spain – Madrid
  • Sweden – Stockholm
  • Switzerland – Zurich
  • Thailand – Bangkok
  • Turkey – Istanbul
  • U.K. – London
  • U.S. – Austin
  • U.S. – Los Angeles
  • U.S. – Miami
  • U.S. – Washington, D.C.
  • Vietnam – Hanoi

Not only is VyprVPN the best VPN provider for accessing blocked content and surfing the web securely, it's also one of the cheapest with the fastest server connections.

What is the cheapest VyprVPN for China?

The packages we tried out for 11 months for our VyprVPN review start at $6.67 per month with a 3 day free trial which was not available when I originally purchased it.  This is worthwhile taking up and trying out before you travel. Reason why?  Because once you get to China there is the real risk that you run into not being able to buy a VPN as it will be blocked from access.  Read more on our up-to-date list of websites and VPNs currently blocked within China.

So our vyprvpn review advice would be to buy the package before you leave for your travels and definitely buy a VPN package before entering the country!  Otherwise you may face no access to your favorite websites and the government snooping on everything you are doing (that includes your Skype connection – even though Skype isn't blocked, it's bandwidth goes through the Chinese firewall and in turn the bandwidth is reduced making your calls almost impossible and everything is recorded!).

All Plans Include

  • 24x7x365 Support
  • Unlimited Server Switching

Supported Platforms

  • Mac OS X (reviewed – works great!)
  • Windows 8 (reviewed – works great!)
  • Windows 7 (reviewed – works great!)
  • Windows Vista
  • Linux
  • iOS (reviewed – works great!)
  • Android

If you want to try VyprVPN out, visit this link to look at the packages available. I would recommend the middle plan, as it works in China. If you get the cheaper package you can only connect 1 device to the VPN and PPTP is really spotty in terms of its effectiveness for accessing blocked sites in China.

FYI – if you liked our VyprVPN review and do decide to buy a VPN package, if the option is available to you in asking where you were referred from, please mention our site as it validates to us that people are getting use out of the advice on this site.  Thanks everyone!

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