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Which websites are blocked in China – City Guide

China VPN City Guide Blocked Websites

The only guide you need for finding out what websites are blocked in China (city by city listing)

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The situation in China regarding blocked websites is getting more difficult by the year.  The Chinese government is very unlikely to lift restrictions up in the near future either.  This makes your life as a traveler or expat that bit harder when accessing foreign hosted content.

All Chinese cities and districts are controlled under the same ‘Chinese Firewall'.  This compares to past years where websites may have worked in one province, but not in the neighboring ones. Which means what is the standard in one city is usually the same in another.  That is with the odd exceptions with what websites are blocked in China.. works in Zhejiang province, but when you reach Beijing even that is trouble getting hold of without having a VPN running in the background!

Tier 1 and 2 cities in China, which websites are blocked in China:

The below cities VPN status can be checked against the list of websites at the bottom of this page.  If you plan on using any of these websites whilst in China then YOU WILL NEED A VPN SERVICE!  Your phone will also need this as your applications will not work without a VPN running in the background – even Wikipedia or your news apps (Guardian / Sky News) will have a problem.  Check through this online link checker for what websites are blocked in China now.  An alternative link for checking what websites are blocked in china is here.

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Beijing – You Need a VPN Changsha – You Need a VPN Chengdu – You Need a VPN Chongqing – You Need a VPN
Dalian – You Need a VPN Guangzhou – You Need a VPN Guilin – You Need a VPN Hangzhou – You Need a VPN
Kunming – You Need a VPN Lhasa – You Need a VPN Nanchang – You Need a VPN Nanjing – You Need a VPN
Nanning – You Need a VPN Ningbo – You Need a VPN Shanghai – You Need a VPN ShenzhenPartial unblocks available
Suzhou – You Need a VPN Tianjin – You Need a VPN Wuhan – You Need a VPN Xian – You Need a VPN

Hong Kong is not included in the list above, as it is a separate enclave and autonomous state within the P.R.C. and therefore has no internet restrictions or censorship laws governed by the mainland.

Below is a list of popular websites that we checked during August and then re-confirmed through a third party in December 2013. Even in 12 months time, if we came back to this list to see what had changed it will just be filled with more social media networks being blocked!  This list gives a pretty good guide on the specifics of what websites are blocked in China.

Website Name China Website Block Status Website Address
Google Docs BLOCKED
Google Drive BLOCKED
Facebook BLOCKED
Blogspot BLOCKED
Internet Movie Database BLOCKED
Technorati BLOCKED
Wikileaks BLOCKED
Amnesty International BLOCKED
UrbanSurvival Blog BLOCKED
Reporters Without Borders BLOCKED
Falun Dafa BLOCKED
Hide My Ass (VPN / Proxy) BLOCKED
Proxy.SH (VPN / Proxy) BLOCKED

Now notice the ones highlighted in bold on that list.  Some of the major VPN websites are also blocked within China.  This means that when you get to China it is near to impossible to buy a decent VPN service from a main provider, as you can't access the websites!

The worst is as their VPNs  (and HTTP proxies) don't work at all within Mainland China and their website AND login page is 100% blocked.  That includes their premium paid for service! is also a lousy service to use within China as their HTTP proxy web addresses are blocked and don't work as soon as you are connected to one of their VPN protocols.

The good news is that Golden Frog's Vypr VPN is not blocked, which makes accessing your account fine in China (that is if you have one before entering the country!). So that means if you come across a problem with your account, you can login and check out if something is up or contact support!

If you want some more information on the various VPNs available in China and that we tested, please visit our original blog here.  Or read more articles about VPNs and how they work!  Including how to access Facebook in China without a VPN!

Be aware also that whilst inside the country, if you want to find out which websites are blocked in China the link checker websites such as are also… yes you guessed it, blocked as well!

Recommended Global VPN service that 100% works in Mainland China (P.R.C.)

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This page was last updated on 24/01/2014, we will maintain this page to ensure that the information on it is kept up to date.

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