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VyprVPN launches new Chameleon VPN protocol

But does it break the Great Firewall of China for good?

Break China Great Firewall in 2014

I'm a lover of all things technical and when it comes to internet security, nothing satisfies me more than seeing my data secure and out of the hands of organisations like the NSA and UK government.  We know that one of the few ways in which you can anonymize your data is to use masking techniques coupled with high level encryption.  OK well that all goes over my head as much as the next person, but all we really need to understand is what's available out there in terms of applications / services that don't cost the ends of the earth.

We've been using VyprVPN for over a year now and the service just keeps on getting cheaper and with added value offerings (like Dumptruck free cloud storage, more server locations, mobile & desktop apps).  Today I noticed something on their website that really does need shouting about to our readers.

Many of our readers sit in two camps.  Either sitting behind a desk and planning their trips, or people already on the road that come across us on Google for destination guides.  The people that are really going to see a benefit in this news are those that are going to visit China, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia or Myanmar (Burma).  Especially I want to shout out to those that are studying or working abroad in those countries, especially China.

VyprVPN has just launched a new VPN protocol called ‘Chameleon VPN'.  What's this about then, I ask you hear?  Well given their experience in the VPN protocol business and after listening to feedback from their customers, they decided to develop a new VPN protocol.  From what I have heard from expats living in China, this new VPN protocol goes far beyond all existing VPN protocols and works without ever getting blocked.  When contacted, Goldenfrog gave the following information regarding beta user feedback from using the service from within China..

“Chameleon is currently the only VPN technology that consistently allows me to connect to the Internet from within China,” said Shawn Price, an educator at an international school in China. “It is essential that I’m able to access Web resources like Youtube and professional blogs outside of China's restrictive network, and Chameleon helps me do that in an easy way so I can remain productive.”

It's actually taken me quite some time to find out more about this, as they aren't even shouting about it at the moment.  Just the fact that the Chameleon VPN protocol works 100% in China, WITHOUT being blocked and showing downtime on your connection is worthy of recognition.

I'm making the assumption that they are still testing the new VPN protocol out, as they have a Beta Feedback form on their website.  In fact, if you have a VyprVPN account already and are located in China, feedback your findings and you could win a free year of VyprVPN Premier just for your time.

I still would love to understand how Chameleon VPN protocol properly works, as China's Firewall uses some really strong deep packet inspection on all traffic you send and receive whilst online.  Chameleon VPN must defeat this somehow, which means it will give the added benefit of speed increases.  The problem with being in China and accessing foreign websites is the high latency you get (partly because of the Chinese Firewall but also because of the great distances your internet traffic has to travel).  This new VPN protocol is much harder for the Chinese government to block, as it masks the metadata that VPN connections send out when a connection is active.  That means the current setup of the Chinese Firewall cannot detect you specifically are using a VPN service. This means you won't get those dropped connections that used to happen fairly regularly even on a 256bit OpenVPN protocol.

Anyway, if all of the above might help you access the internet whilst in China, and you are looking for a VPN service.. Then make sure you use subscriber discount for 50% off your first month.  Also, since we last spoke about VyprVPN, they do a 3 day trial (no strings) PLUS you can get a package starting from $6.67 per month on their longer term contracts.  Not bad hey?

Also if your wondering what a VPN is and why you'd even consider getting one.. Read our guide on VPN use whilst travelling.

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