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A Weekend in Brugge

We have been to Brugge 3 times now. Twice for the weekend and once just for lunch on the drive back from Amsterdam.

The first time we went, it was February and freezing. It was awesome. The second time, it was May and the weather was very hit and miss – the fun mixture of cold winds, sunny patches and rain. Oh Europe how you like to toy with me. You can enjoy Brugge in all weather… as long as you come prepared!

The joy of Brugge is that you can spend a few days just walking around it's cobbled streets, checking out the architecture and the canals whilst eating chocolate, waffles and chips.


Even though we have been twice, there are still so many things that we haven't yet done in the town – like take a boat tour around the canals. The first time we went, this wasn't a possibility as the canals had all frozen over, the second time it wasn't really possible as it was just so busy! We aren't a big fan of standing around for ages in queues.

Personally, as much as the warm weather was lovely in Brugge, I enjoyed the freezing temperatures of February. It was so much quieter, and you could really appreciate the town, plus I was very excited about the frozen canals and took A LOT of photos of them. Sitting in a little chocolate shop cafe drinking hot chocolate and eating waffles is much more enjoyable in the winter too.

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