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Weekend Road Trip: Brugge, Belgium

There are a lot of Alcoves in the Koningin Astridpark

Woohoo! We are heading to Brugge (again)

We are incredibly lucky in Britain, with Europe just 30 minutes away on High Speed train.  It's easy to make last minute plans to explore a nearby country for a couple of days.  This weekend we have decided to pick up the backpack again (Ok well make that suitcase) and explore Brugge in Belgium.

This will be our 3rd time visiting Brugge – a historic medieval town that somehow managed to evade much destruction during the World Wars.  It stands as a living time capsule with it's venice like canal system linking all corners of the city together.

We are determined to actually see some of the big sights properly this time around.  Apart from visiting the culturally important Frietmuseum, we haven't done a whole lot else – except for lots of walking and playing on the frozen canals in the winter.

So I hope you join us on this potentially cultural tour of Brugge, we will be blogging as we travel around and give the place a full guide write-up later on.  You never know, we might just end up giving the cultural crap a miss and get drunk and fat on chocolates instead. Wish us luck!

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